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Kelly Yates

I currently work full-time at VF Jeanswear as a Graphic Designer, and illustrate comic books part-time. I’m probably best known for my work on Doctor Who comics for IDW Publishing and my creator-owned projects, MonstHer and Amber Atoms.

My passion for art, especially comic book art, stems from a family road trip out to California when I was 12-years old. On the way back, we stopped at Yellowstone National Park for the night and to my distress I quickly discovered they had no TV’s in the entire building. Luckily, the gift shop had a few comic books. The one that caught my attention was Cyrstar #6 with Nightcrawler on the cover. I have been reading comics ever since.

Skipping ahead to my college years, I was sitting through an extremely long, extremely boring lecture class, doodling on the side of my paper, when a friend leaned over and commented, “You ought to be an artist”. After a lot of prayer and soul-searching, I decided to switch degrees and pursue a 2-year degree in Commercial Art & Computer Graphics. So here I am years later and making a living at it.

Deciding to be an artist at 21 has been an adventure to say the least. I know many incredibly talented artists that have been drawing since they can remember, but since I started drawing so much later in life, I always feel like I’m playing catchup. That probably plays into my motivation to become a better artist with each illustration I work on.

So the adventure continues….